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Voxelab Aquila DIY FDM 3D Printer

US$ 159.99 - US$ 319.00 US$ 199.00 - US$ 395.00
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32-Bit silent motherboard. Carborundum glass build plate. 220x220x250mm printing volume. Filament auto-feeding. Aquila ships randomly, cannot specify chip types.

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Main Features:
  • Large build volume. With build volume at 220*220*250mm, Aquila allows you to print 3d objects at similar sizes as Creality Ender 3s, Anycubic Mega S and other ~$300 3d printers.
  • Aluminum body with sturdy structure, no shaking when printing.
  • Reliable accessories: 32-bit silent motherboard, silent stepper motor, ultra-flat carborundum glass bed.
  • 4.3-inch color screen with a rotary knob, user-friendly UI interface.
  • Open-source design, support DIY 3d printer requirements.
  • Filament auto feeding: Put in the filament end and it starts feeding automatically. The enhanced feeding module of Aquila ensures stable feeding (little breaking).
  • Software supported: Cura / Simplify 3D / VoxelMaker. Download Aquila Cura configuration file.
  • Filament supported: PLA, ABS, PETG, and Voxelab PLA Pro Filament.
  • Aquila official firmware has thermal protection, and BL touch support features. Download the latest firmware here.
  • Aquila H32 Eclipse compatible codes are now available at GitHub. You may custom modify your printer freely.
Since its launching in 2020, Voxelab Aquila has quickly get up to the Amazon top 3d printer list.
Quite nearly flawless, it's been a while since we were so impressed with a 3D printer. The Voxelab Aquila delivers everything we've come to expect from market-leading printers like the Ender 3 V2, all in a much cheaper and, frankly, attractive package. Don't let the assembly dissuade you! The Voxelab Aquila is an awesome 3D printer for those of any skill level.
- by To Buy a 3D Printer.
superbly low price, very simple to use, glass print bed works great with PLA and ABS.
- by To All3dp.
A detailed Aquila video review from 3DPrintSOS.
Voxelab Aquila VS Ender 3 V2 - Which Budget 3D Printer Should You Buy?
Voxelab Aquila Detailed Introduction
Fast Heating in 5 Minutes
Carbon-silicon crystal glass bed heated up within 5 minutes, achieve modeling quickly while not cause any warping.
Color Screen with Knob
Set up 3d print task and control Aquila simply by rotating spindle. Super easy! And the mechanical life is much longer than a touchscreen.
Smart Resume Printing
Aquila resumes 3d print after a sudden power failure, allowing you to carry on print progress simply within a screen tap.
Consolidated Structure
All-metal body with sturdy structure, no shaking when printing. All lines are concealed, safe for beginners to use.
High Standard V Profile
V profile pulley ensures steady motion, low noise, and wear resistance. It also helps extend the machine's service life.
New All-in-one Tuner
The novel XY axis adjuster allows you to adjust belt tightness easier and quicker than before.
32-bit Silent Motherboard
Silent Stepper Motor
Easy-to-customize firmware
Build Your Own 3D Printer from Aquila, the DIY Kits
With open-source and easy-to-customize firmware, any 3D printer enthusiast can build their own 3D printer based on Voxelab Aquila. Here're some Aquila modification inspirations from our users, take a look and be amazed by the endless possibilities for customization!
Voxelab Aquila Prints
Wanna get more inspiration on 3d printing and 3d printer DIY? Connect with us on social media, we constantly share our users' projects!
Voxelab Aquila FAQ
- What's the difference between Voxelab Aquila and other low-cost FDM 3D Printer kits?
Voxelab aims to make Aquila one of the best FDM 3d printer kits. Check out this page for a detailed comparison between Aquila and other less than $300/$200 3d printers.

- Does Aquila support BL touch?
Yes, Aquila supports BL touch. If you have a BL touch part installed on your Aquila, please upgrade your firmware with a BL touch supported version. Once the upgrade is completed, you're all set!

- Why there's no line craw in my spare parts?
Aquila shipped after the middle of March equipped with an upgraded M6 Pneumatic joint. This kind of joint doesn't need a line claw.

- Does Voxelab Aquila need leveling?
Yes. There are 4 wheels under the hotbed. It is quite easy for manual leveling.

- Can I print more than one model in one go?
Yes. You can just add these models in slicing software like Cura.

- Is there any community for Voxelab Aquila?
Yes. You can join our official Facebook group or visit Reddit r/VoxelabAquila.
Voxelab Aquila Introduction
With super easy operation and necessary features, Voxelab Aquila is a budget friendly 3d printers for tinkerers and advanced users after 3d machine alternatives.
  • Extruder Quantity1
  • Nozzle Diameter0.4 mm
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature250 ℃
  • Maximum Platform Temperature100 ℃
  • Print Speed≤180mm/s,30-60mm/s normally
  • Filament CompatibilityPLA , ABS, PETG
  • Print Volume220*220*250mm
  • Layer Thickness0.1-0.4 mm
  • Print Precision±0.2 mm
Mechanical & Dimension
  • Printer Dimension475*480*473(620)mm
  • Package Dimension565*375*215mm
  • Screen3.5-inch Screen
  • Net Weight8.2 kg
  • Gross Weight10 kg
  • InputAC 115/230V 50/60Hz
  • OutputDC 24V
  • Power350 W
  • ConnectivityMemory card offline printing
  • SoftwareCura / Simplify 3D / VoxelMaker
  • Outputgcode
  • Input3mf / stl / obj / fpp / bmp / png / jpg / jpeg files
  • Running Noise 50dB
  • Working Environment18-30 ℃
  • Resume printing functionyes
  • Filament sensorno
  • Language switchEnglish / Chinese
Product accessories
3d printer Material rack | Voxelab
Material rack X1
3d printer Power cable | Voxelab
Power cable X1
3d printer Cable tie | Voxelab
Cable tie X1
3d printer needle | Voxelab
Needle X1
Aquila 3d printer M6 Pneumatic joint | Voxelab
M6 Pneumatic joint X2
Aquila 3d printer removal tool | Voxelab
Remove tool X1
Aquila 3d printer Storage card and card reader | Voxelab
Storage card and card reader X1
Aquila 3d printer Wrenches and screwdrivers | Voxelab
Wrenches and screwdrivers X1
Aquila 3d printer filament | Voxelab
50g Filament X1
Aquila 3d printer nozzle | Voxelab
Nozzle X1
Aquila 3d printer Screw kit | Voxelab
Screw kit X1
Aquila 3d printer User Manual | Voxelab
User Manual X1
All comments ( 61 )
This is the best! This is my first ever 3D printer! I have used the schools and have experience but never built my own! Took about an hour to assemble and it was my first time! Super easy directions, amazing prints! I would recommend watching 3D printing SOS for help with the printer! Overall outstanding!
Got this printer because I wanted a 3D printer for a while and this was the cheapest option at the time (about 180 USD). The assembly was a bit confusing but with the help of a YouTube video I was able to get it up and running within like 3 hours. The first print off the SD card went pretty solid. Working on putting some of my own on but so far the demo prints have come out a lot smoother and more solid than I expected from a beginner printer.
I was thinking of getting the Ender 3 V2 for my first 3d printer but came across this one. The internet people were saying the two are basically the same printer so I decided to try it out. I've gone through 3 pla rolls and it hasnt failed yet. If you are thinking of getting the Ender 3 V2 consider the Aquila. For $170 you're getting a very capable machine.
An amazing printer for a beginner!! This is my first ever 3D printer and I love how easy it is to figure out. Plus the Voxelab has a Facebook page you can go and ask questions and get answers from other users. I’m now looking into the resin printing.
Excellent print quality, bought an flexible build plate for it and it prints like a dream
Great starting printer with lots a great features!! I did a video review as well on this printer and compared to my ender 3 and for the money you can't beat these. They print amazing right from the start, glass bed, x and y axis tensioner, just has a very user friendly layout including the slicer software that comes with it.
I have 8 3d printers, all of them are ender 3 v2. One of my enders broke and I wanted to buy another printer to replace. After some research I found this printer. I can't be more happy with how well it works. The quality is just as good as the Ender and some of the features, such as the screen, are even better. I will continue to purchase this printer and am so glad I found it!
Print quality is really good for is the price plus its easy to set up and start your first print. The interface is clear and a really good recommendation for an entry-level 3d printer
Honestly, I was trigger shy to get a 3d printer. After setting this thing up, I can tell you that my worries were for nothing. Once it was set up, I watched a few youtube videos and i was up and running. I will probably be buying a second one just to speed up some projects i want to make.
After debating getting a 3D printer, I impulse bought this one with pretty low expectations and it has so far been infinitely better than what I thought. The instructions were OK but it was easy enough to find a video on youtube to follow along to put it together. Not counting time spent undoing mistakes, I think I spent less than 2 hours getting it up and running. I've had to re-level the build plate after about every other print but it's a pretty painless process. This things been running non-stop since I got it and would HIGHLY recommend it for fellow newbies to 3D printing.
Great affordable printer over all.
Great value. I wanted an entry level machine that would be easy to use. And this is the perfect machine for the job. The software that comes with the unit is easy to use and has alot of great features.
This is an excellent beginner 3d printer. I have really enjoyed using it and learning about the entire process. If you would like to try your hand at 3d printing but are scared that this is just a inexpensive clone, don't be it is very high quality. If you can assemble a simple model kit you can easily put this together and be on your first print in an hour or so.
My first 3D printer could not be happier its working excellent. Advise - Take your time putting it together, there is a learning curve when it comes to printing.
Pretty easy to set up. Pretty good quality prints right off rip. Don’t even think twice about buying it!
This is my second 3d printer and so far this one has been the easiest to setup and operate. We leveled the bed and printed out one of the sample files on the SD card and it looks great. Have been printing close to nonstop since we put it together. Only issue I have having right now is stringing but I'm working on it, I'm sure I can adjust my slicer settings and solve that issue.
Great entry level 3d printer good clear instructions decent print quality to rival the creality ender series
Very well packaged! Very easy to set up. First time ever touching a printer and I had it set up and printing within an hour.
Been printing with this for a couple days now almost non stop. This printer is amazing for beginners. I purchased this one as my second printer (other is Ender 3 V1) and I can say this printer is amazing and a little better than my ender 3 out of the box. Assembly was easy. However I do recommend checking bed roller screws as mine were a little loose causing a wobble but after tightening, no issues. Glass bed out of box is amazing! Drivers are quite. Screen looks amazing. Only downside.... Fans are LOUD. But this can easily be fixed.
Knew what to expect from this as I have an Ender 3v2. What was surprising is that it actually has some additional features that the Ender does not, such as auto feed and auto unload of filament. I replaced the springs and added M4 nuts on the heat bed based on experience from the Ender, just waiting for metal extruder and capricorn bowden tube to complete the upgrades. I added an Octopi to this setup and it was as easy as the Ender. I would definitely recommend this product, print quality out of the box is great. The slicer is meh but you can use Cura and Ender 3v2 slicer settings on this 3D printer.
Im new to 3d printing and this is a fantastic starter printer the print quality is nice even down to .06 layer height its amazing. I would reccomend this to anyone looking to get started in 3d printing especially for this price point.
My first printer. After watching 3dprintsos videos I knew I wanted this printer. Easy to setup and start printing. I am just using PLA for now but have printed 20 things already. Just make sure the bed is leveled!! Buy this over the Ender.
I was absolutely astonished by this printer!!! I printed this calibration cat really quick to compare it to my Ender 5 pro and was amazed at the quality! This thing printed amazing. For the price point I can almost justify buying a 3rd one to make prototyping lighting fast. The only point I cut them down on was quality of material. For the price point it’s completely justifiable but some little pieces like the tensioners I got was wondering how they will last years from now. During assembly the manual wasn’t difficult to read over but this isn’t my first printer so someone that is new to printing might have some difficulties and I would recommend that they use YouTube to help. Other then those small gripes I had this printer is well worth the money for someone starting out. It might not have some amazing features that other printers have but this printer will keep up with your skill set and knowledge for a long time.
For the money...? This works wonderfully for small home use/starter printer. Highly recommended for your first printer.
I bought this as my first printer and am pretty happy with it so far. I got it built in an hour or so. The instructions are easy to follow and all the materials are nicely labeled. Now all I got to do is get used to it and start learning.
Almost indistinguishable from my Ender 3 v2! It seems to have most of the same parts, builds the same, and most importantly it prints the same. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again
Been running almost non stop for a week and love it so far! If this is your first time getting a 3D printer this one is good! The bed must be leveled perfectly to print and once you figure that out it’s a breeze! I would highly recommend this!
Been using it for a week consistently with no problems. I feel like I saved $100 vs other printer, with no drawbacks so far
As my first 3D printer, this is pretty good. Putting it together was about as hard as putting together an Ikea furniture (realistically not sarcastically) and I got it together in under an hour. The YouTube video helped. The test print came out perfectly, the print lines are very tiny. It comes with Voxelmaker, the slicing software though I also tried out Cura. Voxelmaker g.code made for longer print time but a better raft that comes off easily. Cura's raft was harder to peel off but the print time was much shorter. Overall I'm happy with the printer.
Impressed with the quality of the prints on this low cost printer. I’ve had no issues with leveling or clogs and it’s been running non stop since it arrived.
Fast logistics delivery, intact packaging when it is arrived. I quickly completed machine installation after watching the installation video. Sub-brand of Flashforge is reliable!
The most cost-effective FDM 3D printers! Smooth printing surface. It heats up quickly, and is very silent when printing, almost no sound heard.
The after-sales service is very good. The machine has high printing precision, good printing effect. Not much noise. It is able to completely satisfy my daily use. Definitely cost-effective! Recommend!
This printer is great, on a budget. I had it up and running in less than an hour, then watched some videos on bed levelling to finish setting it up.
This is my first 3d printer so I can't compare the print quality to anything else. I think it prints great. I am very happy with it. It didn't take long to put together. I watched the video like some others has said and it was pretty easy. I leveled the bed and the first print came out great. After 3 or 4 hours of printing different things the heat bed stopped heating. I emailed them and they replied the next day (they are in china). They had me try a few things over the next few days to try to resolve the problem. After they decided the print control board was bad they sent me a new one. That fixed the problem and it works again. Seems like great customer support to me. I would definitely buy from them again.
The best value 3d printer. The Aquila is easy to set up and makes great prints with very little effort. Upgrades are easy, and support from the company is excellent. There is a great community online for these printers and most of the most popular replacement parts will work without modification. Overall, after several months of use I'm very impressed with the build quality and the consistency of high quality prints this machine puts out.
This was the best thing I've ever purchased I'm a huge collector of figures and now I can make my own
One of the few good machines. Among 3D printers of i3 structure, this one is a good machine, the printed objects with accurate and smooth surface!
This is the sixth printer I've bought from Amazon. The cheapest and the only one that works properly. It's a great little printer. Put down the material like an expensive machine. It beat out the ender 3 pro and 5 pro. I had to send them back. This one I'll be able to keep I'm sure. I'm probably going to get at least another if not two. The print quality is fantastic and it's not making a stringy mess out of everything I try to print.
I am very pleased with this purchase. I had no trouble assembling the printer and getting it set up with the manufacturers settings. I highly recommended this machine to those who are new to 3D printing and who are adding to their stable.
I print .04mm layer height miniatures.. high detail.. prints amazing, bad reviews here are based on individuals assuming printers take no tuning, download calibration tools and dial in cura settings.. and you are golden!
I would have to say that this a solid printer. There a few short comings. Leveling is something you will have to get used to but other them that. Great price and great prints.
It is suggested that small accessories be well sealed and packaged so as to avoid scattering in delivery process. It is cost-effective. In spite of a little noisy, it is in my acceptable decibel! The print quality is good. I have bought Flashforge Finder a year agao, this one is my second purchase. The greatest advantage of this machine is its larger printing size!
If your new to 3d printing this is a great start! I would recommend this if you're not 100% on spending the big bucks, but don't want something bad. Amazing printer!
I'm seriously impressed with this printer. Off the bat, the packaging was excellent. It only took about an hour to assemble, and the test model on the included SD card printed without a hitch on the first attempt. The print quality is right up there with much more expensive models I've used in the past, and it's not missing any major features like some cheap printers. I look forward to what I can do with this printer. Edit: for sake of completeness (and to make sure my software setup was sane) , I printed Benchy. I went off of the Cura configuration settings on the SD card, and it also printed without too much hassle. I bumped the bed temperature to 65C and dropped the rate from 50mm/s to 25mm/s, and it printed perfectly.
So as it's been stated, this is pretty much an Ender clone with some different controls and software. I have it right next to an Ender 3d V2 and both printers are awesome. For the price I couldn't go wrong with picking this up and actually paid over $100 less than my Ender. If you want to get into 3d printing but are hesitant to spend a lot on a printer to learn with, this one does very well. Just make sure you order upgraded bed springs, and that is something I did for the Ender also.
This was my first time buying a 3D printer and I am nothing but amazed! When you get this printer you will have to put it together but it's mostly pre-built straight from factory. The Aquila printer has a great build quality, and requires very little time and effort to have it up and running.
I love the value for money, nice quality prints for a begginer level, only annyoing part can be leveling the bed but thats for all 3d printers if they d9nt have a auto bed level which only the high end ones do.
I have 3 ender 3 V2's. I thought I would try one of these. Loved it. Now, I have 5 of these in addition to the Enders. I'm using the Aquila with a polypropylene build plate, and I upgraded the springs. I have it working great with Octoprint and Octolapse on a Pi 4. Still working out the kinks with my webcam on Octolapse. The attached video is for a curtain rod support for my daughter. Modeled in Shapr3d on an Ipad Pro, and slided in Cura 4.8
17 hour print right out of the box! No tweaking. Just your normal assembly and initial Bed leveling. Boom. Can't say enough good things about this 3d printer. If you are on the fence, let me push you over. Get an Aquila.
Great printer! Definitely give other printers a run for their money! Quick setup! Nice prints!
This printer is truly amazing. Hard to believe the quality of print from such an inexpensive printer. Worked great right out of the box. The layers are perfect. No horizontal banding and almost unnoticeable vertical banding. I really cannot believe how good it works. The steppers are totally silent with the only sound coming from the fans. A huge improvement from my old printer. I cannot be happier with this purchase.
for this product I have no dislikes, as i seen on the comments with the 1 stars come on everyone. if you would take your time and going step by step.. the printer will work for you.. like others will. this is a kit printer . excuse me Voxelab and flashforge, for the naysayers this is a tinkerers printer like the Ender ect.. and Yes you have to level the bed to get the right first layer that is the key to all printers. the prints came from this printer that you see in the picture. Leveling is not easy all sides have to be close so, Please give the printer a try, I have other printers and i have bad ones also.. The company is new as all companies are.. if you want a out the box printer you may have the same issues.. enough said I like the printer for the low budget price..
This is a creality ender 3 v2 clone. Set up took about an hour. This is my third printer so I'm getting the hang of putting them together. It is currently turning out prints alongside my ender 3v2. For nearly one hundred bucks cheaper than my ender, it's a bargain. Will definitely buy more as my print farm grows.
This is my first 3d printer the set up is fairly easy i had no idea what I was doing and still managed to figure it out. it is super fun to use if your a nerd like me. I cant wait to make a bunch of things with it.
Gift for my husband and he loves it. Had it put together in no time.
This unit has the typical build quality you'd expect from any "budget friendly" machine from China; nothing fancy but everything fits together well and performs how it should. I'm printing the test file that comes preloaded on the included SD card and the machine is operating smoothly so far. It's actually not as loud as I expected. It sounds similar to any other equipment you might use in an office environment. If you're looking for an entry level 3D printer I wouldn't hesitate to pick this one up. I'm really satisfied and can't wait to start printing custom parts!
The printer prints great! I’m on my 15th print in 3 days, and I couldn’t be more pleased. No regrets spending $130 less than the Ender 3 V2 haha!
I own a Ender 3 V1 and I am recently on the market of V2 until I found this FDM, its pretty much identical to Ender 3 V1 but with few upgraded I just needed. It has a silent main board, which is a major upgrade if you have a V1 Ender 3, second it comes with a glass bed, just make sure you clean it really well or just flip it over use the none coated side. The mainboard comes with BL touch port and I am pretty sure you can use it with marlin 2.0 Overall its a great bang for the bucks
I just received my 3D printer today. I have never touched a 3D printer before and found the setup self explanatory with all information needed to assemble it correctly in the instructions given. I couldn't wait to print something, so I learned how to create a 3D shape today and made my first print! I'm using it to make clay cutters, so not too detailed yet but it turned out exactly how I hoped it would.
I own a Print farm, have about 30 printers mainly Creality Ender V2's. I found this printer recently and can't be happier, especially for the price you get a complete Ender V2 clone and it works as good as my $300 printer. I got 2 so far, they have been running nonstop for 2 weeks, if all is good, will be completely switching to these from now on.
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