Voxelab Polaris 2K Color LCD Resin 3D Printer

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Smart Support / Fast Proprietary Slicer / Perfect for Garage Kits Printing

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Designed for Garage Kits 3D Printing

Garage kits are getting increasingly popular recently. If you ever want to print your own garage kits, Polaris is the 3D printer you don't want to miss! It's handy, super easy to use. More importantly, it features some innovative technology to present detailed 3d printing performance.

Voxelab Polaris LCD 3d printer for garage kits printing | Voxelab3dp

Key Features

Polaris is an LCD resin 3D printer that features a minimalist appearance, easy-to-use operation, and a 2K LCD screen with 2560*1440 pixel resolution.


2K Color LCD Screen


3.5" Touch screen


Build Volume: 115*65*155mm


Compatible with Various Materials


4-8 Times Anti-aliased Edge Ability


High Efficient Stable Light Source


Easy installation of FEP Film


Simple Mechanical


Two Slicing Software

Minimalist Appearance Suitable for Any Occasion

Polaris, handy and light-weighted, can be placed at any corner. The translucent cover makes it easy and safe to look up the printing process.

Easy Operation

Voxelab Polaris LCD 3d printer easy bed leveling | Voxelab3dp

Bed leveling is super easy!

Voxelab's original manual leveling system lets you level the bed quickly & precisely.

Voxelab Polaris LCD 3d printer supports CHITUBOX and VoxelPrint | Voxelab3dp

Two Slicing Software

Supports CHITUBOX and Voxelab self-developed 3d slicer VoxelPrint.
Simple UI and operation system for easier model slicing.

2K LCD Screen Focus on Details

With 2560*1440 XY Pixels and 47microns X-Y Resolution, the 5.5 inches 2K LCD screen guarantees refined details on final models.

Voxelab Polaris 3d printer 2k lcd screen focus on details | Voxelab3dp

Build Volume

155mm height meets the printing needs of most garage kit users.
Voxelab Polaris 3d printer build volume 115*65*155mm | Voxelab3dp

Support Wide Range of 3D Materials

You can build 3d objects with a wide range of materials, including standard Photopolymer resin, water washable resin, and ABS-like resins

Attention: Polaris works with all 405mm resin in the market. We recommend using Voxelab resin to get the perfect 3d printing results.

Voxelab Polaris LCD 3d resin printer supports wide range of 3d materials | Voxelab3dp

Designed to Print Garage Kit

Print your own garage kits, freely!

Voxelab Polaris LCD 3d resin printer designed to print garage kits | Voxelab3dp Voxelab Polaris 3d printed garage kits sample A | Voxelab3dp Voxelab Polaris 3d printed garage kits sample B | Voxelab3dp
  • Printing TechnologyLCD-based SLA 3D Printer
  • Light Source405nm LED light source
  • Layer Thickness 0.025-0.2mm
  • Build Volume 115*65*155mm
  • LCD Screen5.5 inch 2K LCD color screen
  • XY Resolution 2560*1440
  • Support Resin405nm wavelength photosensitive resin
  • Tough Screen3.5’’ color IPS Touch Screen
  • Printer Size230*200*410mm
  • Input Voltage12V 5A
  • File FormatInput: stl file
  • Power60 W
  • Net Weight5 kg
  • Gross Weight8.2 kg
  • Slicing SoftwareChituBox/VoxelPrint
  • Print MethodUSB
  • Language EN/CN
Product acessories
3D Printer X1
Power cable X1
Quick start guide X1
After-sales service card X1
Power adapter X1
USB stick X1
Build platform X1
Gloves X1
Tool kit X1
Paper funnel X1
Metal scraper X1
Plastic scraper X1
All comments ( 20 )
This printer is easy to set up right out the box. Printed using Sunlu Grey and the print quality was excellent. The build plate is a great size for the price.
Likes: easy of use , customer service and cost (also cost of resin is good as well) Dislikes: the cover is hard to keep from getting messed up (resin from handling)with use...and no supplier of parts in the US
Ok so I've been 3d printing for... over 10 years now. This is my first resin printer, and I've always just heard pretty wildly mixed reviews of cheap resin printers, but i finally opted to dip my toes in, and went with this machine. WOW. My only gripe is that it cures resins a LOT faster than most manufacturer recommendations (due to being monochrome not RGB). The print quality at 0.025mm layers in phenomenal. I've seen Formlabs printers that can't print this well. I'm shocked, pleasantly. I didn't expect such a nice machine for the price, to be honest. Quite happy with this purchase.
This 3D printer is very good, the noise is also very small, and it feels very textured. The printed things are very realistic, my dad likes it very much, to pass the time. The printer's case is relatively thick, not easy to damage, and excellent value for money!
Amazing value for the money! Great printer once you work out the kinks. Use an adjustable slip wrench to tighten the build plate knob! Works better than your hand
Very happy with this printer easy to use works great!
Picked this as a second resin printer, first is an Elegoo Mars. The steppers are much louder than the Mars but the value is undeniable. Running with Elegoo ABS-Like Rapid Resin and its handling it like a champ with standard slicer settings. Bed leveling was simple and support was responsive when I had an early issue with another brand of resin.
I researched a number of 3D printers. I wanted a 'starter' unit that wouldn't take a PhD to operate. This unit worked great, and the kids are jumping right in. Good a quality printing.
Test print of the Voxelab deer started within 10 minutes of unboxing. Successful print on the first try. Easy to use, easy to assemble. Honestly, the most complicated part of this is slicing the models, and even that is easier than a filament based printer. Watching a print emerge from a pool of resin is viscerally satisfying and seems magical.
First resin printer so I have no other experience to compare it to. after getting it dialed prints pretty good.
I have this and a Creality LD-002H as well as a FDM printer, and this is my preferred printer out of the two resin printers and my go to if it will fit. This thing makes fantastic prints and if you get a flex build plate, the whole ball joint leveling system is not an issue once you get it set. I highly recommend this printer。
Amazing product for such a low price. First three prints were a disaster, then I stopped using chitubox and used the voxelab print app and everything is perfect. Highly recommend.
First experience with 3D resin printer. This printer has been a great experiance. Easy to set up. Fun to use. My 14 year old daughter loves it too.
Purchased as a gift to my brother in law. He loves it. Having no previous technical (or 3D printer experience) he was able to get it up and running within an hour or two. Very user friendly and efficient.
The print quality so far is great. The only problem I have so far is all the extras you need when buying this printer. Resin doesn't come with it, uv light of curing, isopropyl alcohol. Even still a great value.just be prepared to pay more than this to begin with.
It also doesn't come with resin to get you started with so you would have to buy some yourself. The printer is easy to use but definitely need practice. It is pretty easy to clean up as well and it doesn't make a mess while printing.
Just completed first project. Print quality is awesome! There are more steps for processing after the print completes, but compared to my fdm printer, there is so little clean up for miniatures. I have some thinks to learn about supports, but with these results from my first print, I think it’ll be much less work than trying to dial in the settings in my fdm printer. I used anycubic gray resin.
I had a Ender 3 FDM printer and I have been printing with filament printers for many years, I wanted to get a resin printer. I chose the Polaris because of the price, this is my first resin printer. Print qualities are fantastic, prints come out so smooth, I just love it! It was easy to set up and I haven't had any issues with it since. Definitely would recommend !
This is a great printer for a beginner! Greatest for the price and amazing customer support! Especially recommend using their brand resin for low odor.
Worth the price!! A awesome entry-level resin printer love it especially for the price. Setup is extremely easy and can pretty much print straight out of the box. Good quality for the prints,I have printed a lot of miniature game figures. Very satisfied !!
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