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Voxelab Proxima 6.0 2K Mono LCD Resin 3D Printer

US$ 139.00 - US$ 159.00 US$ 219.00 - US$ 279.00
You Save: US$ 80.00

2K Mono Screen / Stable UV Light Source / 405nm resin.

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Voxelab Proxima 6.0 Main Features

  • Sufficient performance: build volume 130*76*155mm, print speed 17-22mm/h.
  • 3.5" touchscreen: set up 3d printing quickly by taps.
  • 2K monochrome LCD screen, pixel size 50 microns (2560*1620): quick curing, helps achieve quicker printing speed and longer service life.
  • Assisted bed leveling system: simple bed leveling system lets you level the platform in 15 seconds.
  • Full grayscale anti-aliasing feature: print with exquisite details.
  • Linear rails: ensure Z-axis move steadily, eliminates riffles on final prints, shows smooth surface and delicate texture.
  • 3D print materials: compatible with most 405nm wavelength photosensitive resins in the market.
  • Slicing software: ChituBox (V1.8.1), Lychee and VoxelPrint.
  • Integrated FEP film design: replace FEP film by tightening 12 screws, super easy.
  • Resin vat maximum level: prevent pouring too much resin. Put an end to resin waste!

Voxelab Proxima 6.0 Reviews

Voxelab Proxima 6.0 Highlights


High Precision Longer Service Life


Print Speed Doubled


Build Volume 130*76*155mm


Easy Leveling System


Full Grayscale Anti-aliasing


Stable Light Source Higher Efficiency


Easy Installation of FEP Film


Resin Vat Maximum Level


Two Slicing Software

Monochrome Screen

6" 2K monochrome screen, pixels resolution 2560*1620, single-pixel size 50 μm. Service life is more than doubled than that of ordinary color screens.
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 LCD 3d resin printer 6 inch 2K monochrome screen | Voxelab3dp

Full Grayscale Anti-aliasing

With full grayscale anti-aliasing feature, Proxima 6.0 prints model with exquisite details. Refined printing is a piece of cake!

3D model printed by printer without anti-aliasing feature | Voxelab3dp
No Anti-aliasing
3D model printed by Voxelab Proxima 6.0 LCD 3d resin printer with full grayscale anti-aliasing feature | Voxelab3dp
Full Grayscale Anti-aliasing

Light Evenness

Proxima 6.0 uses 405nm-wavelength UV integrated light to ensure a higher printing success rate. Reflector spotlight makes the light source more concentrated and even.
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 LCD 3d resin printer even lighting design | Voxelab3dp

Print Speed before Upgrade


Print Speed after Upgrade

Improved Permeability Print Speed Increased by 50%

Upgraded monochrome screen improves permeability and print speed. When using Voxelab standard photopolymer resin, print speed is around 17-22 mm/h with 0.05mm layer resolution.

Improved Printing Efficiency

Proxima 6.0 is capable of printing several models at one go.

Voxelab Proxima 6.0 LCD 3d resin printer prints several models at the same time | Voxelab3dp

Linear Rails Reduce Model Grains

Linear rails ensure Z-axis move steadily, eliminates riffles on final prints, show smooth surface and delicate texture.

Roller-rail 3d printing effect | Voxelab3dp
Roller-rail Printing Effect
Linear-rail 3d printing effect | Voxelab3dp
Linear-rail Printing Effect
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 LCD 3d resin printer easy and quick bed leveling | Voxelab3dp

Easy and Quick Bed Leveling

A simple bed leveling system lets you level the platform in 15 seconds.
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 LCD 3d resin printer integrated FEP film design | Voxelab3dp

Integrated FEP Film Design

Just tighten 12 screws to replace FEP film. You can finish replacing it within 3 minutes!

Voxelab Proxima 6.0 LCD 3d resin printer two slicing software | Voxelab3dp

Three Slicing Software

Supports ChituBox, Lychee and VoxelPrint 3d printing software for fast model slicing.

Resin Vat Maximum Level

There is a maximum level in the resin vat to prevent pouring too much resin. Put an end to resin waste!

Voxelab Proxima 6.0 LCD 3d resin printer wide resin compatibility | Voxelab3dp

Wide Resin Compatibility

Compatible with most 405nm wavelength resins in the market: Standard Rapid, ABS-Like, Washable Resin, and more.

Note: Voxelab LCD 3d printers are suitable for most 405nm wavelength resins in the market.
If you are using Voxelab LCD 3D printers, we recommend print with Voxelab resin for better printing results and performance. 

Model Display

Proxima 6.0 Resin 3d printing with supports | Voxelab3dp
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3d printed model | Voxelab3dp
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3d model | Voxelab3dp
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3d printed garage kit | Voxelab3dp

Garage kit

Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3d printed model | Voxelab3dp


Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3d printed art | Voxelab3dp


Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3d printed education kit | Voxelab3dp


Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3d printed parts | Voxelab3dp


Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3d printed toy | Voxelab3dp


  • Printing TechnologyLCD-based SLA 3D Printer
  • Light Source405nm LED light source
  • Layer Thickness 0.025-0.1mm
  • Build Volume 130*76*155mm
  • Pixel Size 50μm
  • LCD Screen6" 2K monochrome LCD screen
  • Eclipser Resolution 2560*1620
  • Support Resin405nm wavelength photosensitive resin
  • Tough Screen3.5'' tough screen
  • Printer Size230*200*410mm
  • Input Voltage12V 5A
  • File FormatInput: stl file
  • Power60 W
  • Net Weight6.8 kg
  • Gross Weight8.2 kg
  • Slicing SoftwareChituBox V1.8.1/Lychee/VoxelPrint
  • Print MethodUSB
  • Language EN/CN
   Product accessories
Proxima 6.0 3d printer | Voxelab
3D Printer X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer power cable | Voxelab
Power cable X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer quick start guide | Voxelab
Quick start guide X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer after-sales service card | Voxelab
After-sales service card X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer power adapter | Voxelab
Power adapter X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer USB stick | Voxelab
USB stick X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer build platform | Voxelab
Build platform X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer gloves | Voxelab
Gloves X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer tool kit | Voxelab
Tool kit X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer paper funnel | Voxelab
Paper funnel X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer metal scraper | Voxelab
Metal scraper X1
Proxima 6.0 3d printer Plastic scraper | Voxelab
Plastic scraper X1
All comments ( 35 )
This printer is amazing. I have switched to 3d Materials Very Fast resin (1 second layer times, water washable and great quality). The only real downside to this is that because it isn't as popular as other brands there are some compatibility issues. I can't ding Voxelab for that. I am sure that as soon as more people get the printer, we will see Flexible Build Plates and Lychee slicer support. I have also added some example miniature prints that I have printed and painted using this machine.
The price of this unit almost scared me off because it seemed too low. This printer is excellent and keeps up with some of the much much more expensive models. Mine needed to have some grease added to the z axis as is squeeled a lot. otherwise its perfect and nothing was worth losing a star over. If there are any problems I will edit this but otherwise, it is really great and I'm so happy with it that it would be hard to overstate!
Excellent quality of machine! The tech support super fast and excellent!!
Set-up of the printer itself was pretty straightforward. Took a little while to understand the software package but it doesn't take a long time to feel very comfortable with it. Indeed, by adjusting parameters in the settings I found I can print with much higher quality than the default settings so I would encourage users to adjust settings in Chitubox--the outcome is worth the experimentation!
I haven't used a machine that costs tens of thousands of dollars. I bought this one with $199, it can also print parts of our military devices. The precision size is about 0.02mm. I was surprised. I won’t tell my colleagues how cost-effective the machine is…
I have used it for several days. Talking about its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages: the metal body feels particularly solid, the leveling method is simple and convenient, and monochrome LCD screen shortens the exposure process and greatly save printing time. My first 3D printer was FDM machine of Flashforge. That has been in service for more than 4 years and is very stable, so, for this Voxelab machine, the sub-brand of flashforge, I am very confident in the quality. Disadvantages: I don't know whether it's due to the fast Z-axis running speed, but the printing sound is loud. The menu UI is easy to read, but it is a pity that the exposure parameters cannot be changed directly on menu. Hope this function can be added by upgrading machine firmwares in the future. The printing plate has been frosted to increase prints adhesion. This should have been a bonus item, but the back side of the plate also takes the same frosted effect that leading a thick layer of liquid resin hanging on, a little bit wasting resin. On the whole, this price for a resin machine with a 6-inch Monochrome screen and quality endorsement of Flashforge, it is overwhelming.
Good printing results! Enjoy my models!
Really great printer bought it due to the price much cheaper than the mars 2 same specs really works great, beautiful prints, leveling easy this thing is built like a tank honestly the only complaint I have is that the z motor should have a damper this thing is loud compared to my other sla printers
Incredible Quality for that price, and very simple to use... Thank you very much!!!!!
I use this resin 3D printer to print screws. The printing effect of screw grain is much better than fused wire deposition! The girl in their customer service team answers me timely. Will continue to learn and explore 3D printing. Plan to purchase a few more and the printing efficiency will be higher.
Great printer, It's super fast for the price and works well. Make sure to print in a hot area, 22c min. Wood alcool is awesome for washing prints and costs nothing when compared to ipa. Voxelab resin prints well but is not really strong. You will have to look for a better brand if you require tough parts. *** If you are on the fence between the polaris and the proxima, get the proxima. They work the same, the proxima is way faster but the screen will burn out faster than the polaris.
I was looking for a decent small printer and after researching and reading reviews this was clearly the winner for size and price you cant beat it. I actually purchased 2 as back up to my Saturn to print smaller pieces of projects while the Saturn turned out larger pieces and that has worked out great so far.
This printer is fast and high quality. Once I got the hang of supporting the models properly, I have rarely had a failure. This machine has been going strong through 4 bottles of resin already and about to polish off a fifth. Prints come out clean, crisp and easy to work with. The speed of the prints are great as well, as I can get off multiple miniatures within a couple of hours!
Generally the printer is good. Beautiful appearance, exquisite craft. I especially like the voxelab logo. It is very high-tech. I tried to print a lot of things. My boy lost a gear on his toy car, so we tried to print one. He learnt modeling and printing, finally succeeded in installation. He was very happy. The printing results surprised me. Finally, I am very grateful to the after-sales team and customer service assistance. They reply me instantly, helping me resolve problems. Hope to always be with you.
I bought this printer to try it out and compare it to others on my print farm, I have FDM and other Resin printers. I can say that this was just as easy to set up for the initial print and didn’t need much setting calibration to pull out detail prints. A def big plus I found for this one is the larger print size area which I was able to use to its full extend to print out the Zoro piece pictured. Would def recommend others buying.
The printing effect is awesome. I didn't know how to use it at the beginning, wasted hours nothing printed, while later under the guidance of the customer service, I successfully printed several objects. There are fine lines on the surface that need polishing then. Overall result is good, with high accuracy.
I use it to print small toys. Very easy to use. I have been used it for a period of time. Leveling is needed only at the first time. No need to strenuously do leveling anymore! Quite convenient, saving time.
Worked great right out of the box ! Spent 30 minutes setting it up and leveling only took a minute and I was printing my first test print from a slicer file I had done previously Worked great even with the initial settings. No changes needed. Awesome considering how much trouble I had with previous filament printer. This was a breeze. The washable resin I used was good and fine details though might be a bit brittle for some uses
This thing rocks and only needs a few things to be perfect. First I have a Creality LD-002H and after I bought this due to the price, I wish I had two of these instead of the Creality. It is slower than the Creality, but you can run it on the Vroom settings and the Creality struggles with that. But the prints are much better, and easier to tune.
Been 3d printing for a while , wish I would have started with resin, so easy to use and set up. The detail is amazing.
The printer delivers really nice quality for its price. I used to use a form 2 and switching over to this was super easy. Chitubox has a preconfigured profile that works great. Super easy compared to using my ender 3. Would recommend for low strength high detail prints.
Very impressed with this printer! The build quality is great, and it is a fantastic price. The customer support is very responsive and helpful, and there is a growing community of users in a facebook group that help with debugging issues. The build volume is a good size, so it has been good for some of my more "practical" print projects.
This is hands down the best printer on the market for this size. It’s monochrome, it’s 6”, and it beats the competitors. I’ve owned both a Photon Zero and a Phrozen Sonic Mini, and this printer blows them away. AND it’s cheaper. I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and have gone through several liters of resin with no failures that weren’t my fault. Parts are also easy to source, unlike Phrozen and Anycubic parts, and they won’t cost you an extra $50 to ship from overseas. If you’re looking to get into MSLA printing on a budget, look no further, this is the printer that you need!
Great price and quality for a 2k mono screen
I'm very happy with the performance of this printer, quick and accurate with excellent detail. Not much more to say, no issues so far other than those from dialing in resin or inadequate support.
It was really easy to set up. Literally took it out of the box, leveled the build plate and hit print. I've had smooth printing ever since. In just over a week of owning it, it has been printing pretty much non stop. You can see in the pictures I have that the quality is top notch. It's also very fast, as fast as any other printer out there!
This is probably the best overall printer on the market. I own a photon s, phrozen sonic mini, a kelant s400s, and this. In the future I plan to order several more of these at this price point. Super solid machine, have been 3d printing a while, but so far this machine has had zero errors.
This product really does it's job straight out the box, no muss or fuss. Slapped the appropriate pieces in place, and got to printing. My first print about 3hrs later looked lovely, custom supports and all 100% noob.
I got this printer to give resin printing a try as I use stander Ender 3 and what a difference in detail. Prints come out smooth and no layer lines and a lot stronger. Using the slicer on the USB it comes with is great for beginner's, its easy to understand. From box to printing took me about 45mins. I have not had any prints fail nor and issues with the printer it's self. The printer is build like a tank, the whole bottom outer shell is made of metal. 95% of the printer is made of metal. interface is easy to understand and the videos plus the paper instructions are clear. Overall its worth more then what its selling for. I am going to buy a 2nd unit it myself. I 100% recommend picking this up.
I have a little bit of resin printing experience and I gotta say, this is one of the nicest printers in the market. Prints super nice with extreme detail. I can’t even see the layer lines. Along with this, it’s also very quiet. The printer makes almost zero noise when on, and not much when printing. When I first opened it I literally thought it wasn’t turning on because it was so quiet. The mono screen is also a super good upgrade as it lasts longer then other screens, as well as prints faster. It does not come with resin, so you’ll have to buy one, which is the only downside I have with this printer.
This is a very awesome products with very good quality for the price. And it is a good printer for a beginner, easy to set up and start printing as long as you follow the Quick Start Guide on how to set it up you shouldn't have any problems. The print quality and resolution are even better than I expected.
Lots of quality and function for a low price device! Super easy to set up and level the bed. This printer is a solid, hard working beast. I have printed lots of models and come out perfectly. Would definitely recommend for a beginner.
This is a very good printer for sure and I absolutely love it, I have been using it for a few months now. Print quality is amazing. Recommend for anyone wanting high precision.
My first resin 3D printer. This is a very easy to use out of the box printer, the prints have been amazing. The amount of detail it can print is so good.
Fantastic MSLA printer, the print quality is amazing. Most of all I can say that the response time by their technical support is phenomenal. Every time I have had a question they have responded the within 24 hours. I would give this printer more stars if I could.
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