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    About Us

    Voxelab, Your Destination for Easy, Low Cost, and High-precision 3D Printers and Related Products.
    Voxelab, a subsidiary brand of the China-based premium 3D Printers developer Flashforge, provides easier, lower cost yet reliable 3d printing solutions for customers around the globe. We offer FDM 3D Printers, Resin 3D Printers, Filaments and Resins, 3D slicing software, etc.

    Take advantage of our strengths and buy cheap 3d printing supplies with confidence.
    By applying Flashforge’s experience & resources accumulated over the last decade in the 3D Printing industry, Voxelab provides a super easy-to-use, high-performance 3d printing solution at a low price!
    With 3D Printers priced lower without compromise on machine functions and performance, Voxelab makes excellent 3d printing more reachable. Our best seller Aquila), priced at US$179, ranks Amazon's top 10 3d printers.
    Based in China with warehouses in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Russia, Voxelab delivers 3d printing supplies quickly and reliably. FREE shipping from local warehouses!
    Voxelab accepts 30 days termless money back and 1-year warranty on 3D Printers, lifetime technical support. We can be reached by email, phone, or on social media, and we reply quickly!

    Moving forward, Voxelab will keep striving our best to provide 3d printing supplies to meet and exceed the industry’s expectations. We are looking forward to bringing everyone nice and cheap 3d printing solutions!
    Customers always come first at Voxelab. Shall you have any requirements on 3d printing or any suggestions on improving Voxelab 3d printers and services, please reach us on this page. We value each feedback, will take them seriously. Together, we’re creating reliable yet low-cost 3d printing solutions!