About Us

Voxelab, Your Destination for Easy, Cost-effective and High-precision 3D Printers and Related Products.

Voxelab, a subsidiary brand of the premium 3D Printers developer Flashforge, provides comprehensive 3d printing solutions for 3d printing beginners and advanced users with easy operation and budget concerns. Voxelab products range from 3d printers, resin and accessories. Customers favors Voxelab 3d printers for their extremely cost-effective price, super easy-to-use operation, great printing results and performance, and excellent customer services. 


Since 2011, we have been investing rich resources on 3d technology engineering and development. Currently, our 300+ agents make up an engineering team, production team, customer support team, logistics team, marketing team, etc. All staff work closely to ensure 3d printing lovers get perfect product within budget.


As a fast-growing technology company, Voxelab will keep striving our best to provide lovely 3d printers and excellent service to meet and exceed the induatry's expectations. We are looking forward to bringing everyone an amazing 3D printing experience!