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Voxelab Aquila D1
Tree Planting Plan
Why Voxelab does this project
In fact, when you choose 3d printing, you have chosen to be environmental friendly. Maybe you don't realize it yet, but here Voxelab would like to tell you loud and clear that your choice matters.
How will Voxelab Make It Work?
Voxelab plants a tree for EVERY Aquila D1 sold on this website, in your NAME, on Tree-Nation. You may track your tree growth on Tree-Nation anytime, witness the process of your environmental contribution.
Voxelab is in action
Eco-friendly material and recyclable
Made from the corn and degrade back to the soil
Use solar energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Every Voxelab Aquila D1 DOES A TREE PLANTING
Further Communication and Collaboration
We are looking forward to any individual/institution who is sophisticated in the 3d printing sustainable recycling field. Voxelab will be more than willing to listen and spread your intelligence. For institutions, further cooperation is gladly accepted. Please contact