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    Delivery time & Express company.

    Delivery time: Normally, your order will be shipped within 3-5 business days after you make the payment. You will receive your order within 1-2 weeks. (Except pre-sale products).

    Express company: Orders placed in our official online store will be shipped by FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS, which depends on the destination country. Normally, we don't support

    customers’ assigning specified express companies.

    FREE SHIPPING from United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia local warehouses, where we have large stocks of Voxelab 3d printers and filament.

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    VAT, GST, HST, PST and Customs Information.

    We use DDP shipping terms when ship to following countries. That is saying Voxelab will take care of the import duties, taxes and VAT, you pay the listing price and shipping rate only.

    North America: United States, Canada

    Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Portugal.

    Where will the product be shipped from?

    We have overseas warehouses in the United States, France, Czech Republic, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. If your delivery address is located in the United States, European Union countries, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia, and your order is in stock, it will be shipped from the corresponding warehouses in these regions. Otherwise, your order will be shipped from the warehouse in Jinhua, China.

    What payment methods do Voxelab online store support?

    We currently only accept payment issued via PayPal. You can still pay using a Debit or Credit Card through PayPal, no PayPal account required.

    Here is how : Submit your order, follow online check out guide and choose “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” option. You will be directed to a secure page to enter credit card information for payment.

    How to order?

    Both registered members and visitors can order 3d printers, filament and spare parts on We recommend sign up as a member to purchase considering of following benefits:


    1. Faster check out.

    2. Better control over your personal information.

    3. Better support: order status & shipping tracking on profile page, appointed after-sales services, etc.

    4. Special promo offers for members only.


    Order Steps

    Step one : Login (visitors skip this step)

    Step two : Go to the product page you want to order, select Shipping Country and corresponding attributes, then click Buy Now button or Add to Cart button if you want to combine shipping for several items.

    Step three : Fill in correct shipping address and double confirm the item, then click Submit Order button.

    Step four : Issue Payment via PayPal. You can pay with Credit Card through PayPal even without a PayPal account.

    Do you open to bulk orders?

    Yes, you can contact us directly:, kindly note your expected items, quantity and other related information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Why does online payment fail?

    You did not choose PayPal payment or your paypal account balance is insufficient.

    (Please note that we do not support credit card payment at the moment, but you can authorize credit card payment through PayPal.)

    How to use coupon code?

    You can apply coupons for your order at checkout. Once you've entered your coupon code, click 'apply' and the discount will automatically adjust your order total. Please note that if you do not click 'apply' before continue checkout, your order total will not reflect a coupon discount.

    About My Order
    What is my order status?

    If you ordered directly from Voxelab, you will receive a confirmation email with information about the products you ordered after your order payment. You will receive another email when your order has shipped. If you have any questions about the order, you can contact us at any time:

    Registered members can look up order status on personal profile page.

    When will I receive the tracking number?

    Normally, your order will be available for delivery within 3-5 business days after you make the payment. Once your order is shipped out, the system will automatically send you the tracking number by email. The tracking number will be delayed during holidays, or when your order is out of stock.

    Registered members may look over shipping information on personal profile page.

    What should I do if the logistics track is not updated after delivery?

    If the logistics track has not been updated after 7 days, please contact

    Why did only part of the order arrive?

    We might have divided your order into several packages. Slow trucking perhaps causes the speed is out of sync. Please waiting 7 days and contact us for logistic tracking.

    Where/How can I change the shipping address?

    Please contact us at as soon as possible. If your order has not been shipped, we can change the address for you; if your order has been shipped, we cannot guarantee that the address can be changed successfully. Please contact your local express company to change your address.

    Can I change the machine model or other order information after placing an order?

    We cannot modify your order after it is shipped. If you want to modify the model of the machine

    or other order information, please contact us at as soon as possible before shipping.

    How do I cancel an order?

    You may cancel orders before dispatch, usually within 1-3 business days after payment arrival. Reach us by email at the very first moment you want to cancel orders, it is impossible to cancel order once items shipped out.

    For order cancellation, refund usually will be issued and returned within 3-5 business days.

    After-sales & Support
    How to return an item?

    We accept returns for Voxelab 3D printers within 30 days of receipt of delivery without any reasons. You may check our Warranty & Returns Policy for further information.

    You may reach us by email to return 3d printer, please include all necessary information and images so that we can get it done quickly.

    How to deal with lost packages?

    If you have not received your order even after the delivery date has passed, or if the tracking number shows that your package has been delivered, but you haven't received it yet, we recommend the following steps in resolving the issue:

    1Contacting the Courier

    First, we recommend that you reach out to your chosen courier service provider (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc) and check to see if they have any information about your package. Voxelab's courier partners are under contract to fulfill these orders accurately, so if any shipments have been declared lost, customers can file a claim.

    2Filing Claims of Loss

    We encourage you to provide as much detail as possible related to your package, especially in regards to supporting documents. If, after filing a claim the issue has still not been resolved, please contact us via email:; we will be happy to assist you.

    Please Note:

    Before filing a claim, be sure you’ve checked all locations where the package could have reached and check with anyone who might have retrieved the package. e.g., neighbors, family members, etc.

    How to deal with missing items?

    If you find that your order is missing items, it may be that the order was divided into multiple packages for delivery, you can contact contact us via email: to check the specific situation of the package, and include necessary photos and/or video recording for assistance.

    If it is determined that we missed the item when sending the package, we will refund or resend it to you.

    What if my item arrives damaged?

    Voxelab has a high standard of quality, and we aim to deliver products without damage. In the case of damage, please contact us as soon as possible: Please include details about the problem, including photos or video of any visual damage.

    How to deal with problems during product use?

    If there are problems that cannot be solved during use, please contact our aftersales team:, they will help you.

    3D Printers
    [FDM Printers] The size of model is wrong?

    1: Check the tightness of the synchronous belt. And adjust it into proper tightness.

    2: Adjust the transmitting ratio. Turn up if it the size is smaller. Turn down if the size is bigger.

    [FDM Printers] The model wraps up and cannot stick on the printing plate.

    1: Heating the printing plate

    2: The filament material is non-stick to the plate. We recommend you use glue to increase the stickiness.

    3: The distance between extruder and plate is too far.

    4: The plate is not horizontal. Please leveling the plate again.

    [FDM Printers] Extruders do not work

    1: wire feeder is adjusted too tight and extrudes the filament. It causes resistance and abrasion. Please adjust the arm of force properly until the occlusive and smooth condition.

    2: Turn down the retraction length. High retraction length causes abrasion.

    3: Check the filament feeder is stuck or not. If blocked, please clean it up.

    [FDM Printers] In the printing process, the model is severely oozing.

    1:turn down the temperature by 5-10℃

    2: Turn up the traveling speed or turn up the retraction length and speed.

    [FDM Printers] What if offset occurs on the printed model?

    1: Check if the tightness of the synchronous belt installs correctly or not.

    2: Check the tension of the synchronous belt.

    3: Re-slice the model

    4: Speed down the printing or acceleration value.

    5: Make sure the operating environment temperature is lower than 30℃.

    [FDM Printers] How to upgrade the firmware?

    Step1: Insert the TF card into the reader (TF card form: 32 bit, 4096 bytes)

    Step2: Insert the reader into the computer’s USB interface.

    Step3: Build a new folder named ‘firmware’

    Step4:place the downloaded document of xx.bin form into the ‘firmware’ folder.

    Step5: Insert the TF card into a 3D printer

    Step6: Restart the machine

    [FDM Printers] Screen is unable to display or unstable.

    1: Check out if the screen display wires are plugged properly or not.

    2: Refresh the firmware to check out it could be recovered or not. If it doesn’t work, please contact customer service for technological support.


    [FDM Printers] Axis does not work.

    1: Check out if the electric wires are plugged properly or not.

    2: Contact customer service for technological support.


    [FDM Printers] Extruder or plate is in low temperature.

    1: Pre-heating the extruder or plate separately.

    2: Re-plug the thermistor wire of abnormal temperature fluctuation. If there is still a problem, please contact customer service for technological support.

    [FDM Printers] Extruders or printing plate doesn’t work.

    1: Check out the temperature and plug the thermistor again. If it still doesn’t work, thermistor damage could be a possible situation. Changing another thermistor could solve the problem.

    2: Temperature display abnormal. Plug the wire of the heating tube again. If it still doesn’t work, heating tube damage could be a possible situation. Changing another heating tube could solve the problem.

    [FDM Printers] How can I get the firmware?
    [FDM Printers] Machine broken once connect to power.

    1: Make sure to use the same TF card before and after the outage

    2: Please do not pause the printing after the restart. Printing cannot be recovered after a pause.

    [FDM Printers] Return-to-zero keeps striking.

    1: Make sure the good condition of the return-to-zero sensor.

    .2: check the condition of the electric wire. Manually press the sensor to check if it stops.

    .3: Contact customer service for technological support.


    [FDM Printers] Document transmission and cannot be read?

    1: change file name into English character+ number

    2: slicing document does not match (g/gx/gcode)

    3: Fix the model before slicing

    [FDM Printers] Cannot read the file on the TF card?

    1: Formatting the card (32 bit, 4096 bytes)

    2: Changing the card (under 16G memory)

    [FDM Printers] Does Voxelab Aquila support BL touch?

    Yes, BL touch is officially supported. Please update the firmware V3.1.1 if you have installed a BL touch part on Aquila.

    [Resin Printers] Does the printer support Wi-Fi connection? Which printing software does it support?

    Polaris and Proxima Connectivity: USB 

    Slicing software supported: ChiTuBox and VoxelPrint. You may download them at Voxelab Download Center.

    [Resin Printers] Does Voxelab sell replacements such as FEP film, resin vat or screen, etc.?

    Yes, we do. Please check accessories on this page. If your required replacement cannot be found online, please drop us a line for solution. 

    [Resin Printers] How long does it take to print one model? How many pieces can per machine print each time?

    Printing time varies for each printer, as each printer features different size, resin type, curing time per layer, etc. When slicing model design, the printing software will gives an estimated printing time based on the number of layers, the resin used and its curing time, etc.

    As for the numers of models per machine can build each time, it depends on the model size. You may take a look at corresponding printer's build area -- size of build plate, build volume and the size of your models for confirmation.

    [Resin Printers] Do you offer free resin for 3d printer customers?

    Sorry, we do not offer free resin. If you get an Voxelab 3d printer, we recommend purchase Voxelab resin for smooth 3d printing. You can check out our cost-effective resin here

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